Are you ready to fix the mommy pooch and finally stop peeing yourself?
Hey mama! Have you tried everything to rebuild your postpartum core strength, but you still:  

  • ​Feel like you still look a few months pregnant, even though it's been months or years since you had your baby (aka mummy tummy). 
  •  Leak a bit when you run, jump, or sneeze.  
  •  Experience some of the common "mommy aches": back, hip, pelvic, or knee pain.  
  •  Want to fix and flatten your abs and heal your pelvic floor post-birth.  
  •  Want to rebuild your bum to where it was before pregnancy.  
  •  You wonder if you just need to accept this as a "normal" result of having a baby.  
It's time to "get your body back" the right way!
Hi There! I’m Victoria (aka as V), and I am a mom of 3, and a fitness and wellness coach with over 16 years experience working with moms!

I help moms like you regain their core and pelvic floor fitness, so they can get rid of the 'mommy pooch', feel more at home in their bodies, and return to pre-baby fitness activities (and life!) without worrying about hurting or peeing themselves.

I want the best for you, and I’m tired of seeing moms receiving poor postpartum recovery advice, and dealing with injuries that are entirely preventable.
I want you to know that I get you and understand many of the same struggles that you’re going through with your body right now because I’ve been through many of the same as well:  
  • ​Wanting to feel like yourself again in your postpartum body 
  • ​Dealing with nagging pelvic, hip, and lower back pain after the birth of your baby.  
  • Having to heal abdominal separation after baby.   
  • ​Being confused about how to safely return to exercise postpartum.   
  • ​Wanting to heal your postpartum tummy again.   
  • ​Figuring out how to heal from both vaginal and/or C-section births. 
I'm not only a women's fitness specialist, I'm a mom just like you!
Let's make this happen for you!
Restore My Core is an 8-week online core and pelvic floor fitness program that provides you with the tools you need to REGAIN YOUR CORE + PELVIC CORE STRENGTH AND FUNCTION, GET YOUR FITNESS BACK, and GET YOUR BODY BACK!
What you will receive
  • AN 8-WEEK SPECIFIC TRAINING PROGRAM designed for you whether you've had a vaginal birth or a c-section birth.
  • ​ENCOURAGEMENT & SUPPORT all provided for you in a private coaching group!
  • CORE WORKOUTS specifically created for postpartum women.
  • 20-30 MIN WORKOUTS to fit into your busy schedule.
  • EXERCISE MOVEMENT INSTRUCTIONS where I break down EVERY exercise in detail for you, so that you can be sure your form and technique is correct and you get the most out of the program.
  • A LIST OF EXERCISES TO AVOID because some common exercises may worsen your Diastasis and other core and pelvic floor symptoms and most women don't realize this! 
  • ​WEEKLY CALENDAR & CHECKLIST so you know exactly what to do every week.
  • BONUS NUTRITION TIPS to implement into your daily life and based on REAL food – because let's be real here - sound nutrition habits and practices are a big piece of the puzzle in achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • BONUS EDUCATION MATERIAL to help you get the bests results towards a flatter tummy and core that functions properly.
What kind of results you can expect 
  • ​Reduce and heal your Diastasis Recti so you can get rid that "mommy pooch" for good!  
  • ​Improve the strength and endurance of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.    
  • ​Improve your posture and reduce or eliminate neck, upper and lower back, hip, or knee pain.   
  • ​Regain total body strength. 
  • ​Lose belly fat.   
  • ​Manage or improve pelvic organ prolapse.    
  • ​Reduce pain from a C-section scar.    
  • ​Get rid of the C-section shelf.  
  • ​Improve your overall mobility.    
  • ​Learn how to exercise in a way that protects your core and pelvic floor.    
  • ​Return to more of the exercises you love, feeling strong and injury free!
What you will need
  • ​A set of varying resistance bands
  • ​A set of light, medium, and heavier dumbbells
  • ​A 36" foam roller
  • ​A small inflatable Pilates ball
  • ​A pair of soft tissue therapy balls.
  • ​Facebook is highly recommended (but not necessary).  The private FB group is where you will receive daily coaching and communication from me, support your fellow moms who are going through Restore My Core with you, share your tips, your progress, ask your questions... and be fully supported!
Lose belly fat and the "mommy pooch"
Improve your core and pelvic floor function
Get back to your pre-baby fitness routine without worry

See What Other Moms Have To Say About Restore My Core! 
 "I thought it (the program) was fantastic. I can feel a difference in my core."
- Carey D. 
"I feel my core getting stronger so that is exciting! I'm definitely moving better. I'm able to get in and out of positions much more easily than before."
- Chelsea S.
“The workouts have been great and I'm really happy with the progress I've seen! The connective issue is feeling taut and the gap is feeling shallow and smaller."
- Amanda G. 
"Thank you so much for your help and insight! Really appreciate you genuinely helping me out. It’s always a little nerve racking to purchase programs from trainers/professionals online knowing it’s a gamble if the professional will be helpful on an individual level. So thank you!"
- Caycee W.

"I am really enjoying the exercises and have found that for me it is best to do them when both kids are in bed at night, so much more peaceful then with the kids during the day and I can actually concentrate on the breathing part of in a better way and don't feel like I have to rush the movements. My husband fully supports me as well on this journey!"
- Tina L.

"I really enjoyed this program. It has put all the conflicting information about postnatal recover and exercises in one easy to understand format and the exercises where very good to follow. I was very self conscious as I was still asked in the supermarket when my baby was due even though he was already a few months old. With this program, I got my self-confidence back and am now working even harder on loosing those extra kilos that I gained over my two pregnancies."

"Before I started this program, my separation was a little over 2 finger widths. Now after completing the program, my separation is less than 1 finger width!"
- Simone E.

 "I just finished workout A, and I feel great! I felt overwhelmed after an unplanned c-section and didn't know where to start to build strength back. I like this structure and these are all exercises I can do."
- Colleen T.  

"Your program is amazing. My DR went from a little over a 3 to a little over a 1. I lost 2.25” in my waist and 1.25” in my hips.   While the results are great and having me feel more confident...the amount of knowledge I gained was amazing. It’s very obvious you have a passion for this because the information was so thorough and your support was great!  I can’t wait to keep applying what I’ve learned in to my workouts to continue building up the integrity of my core! Thank you Victoria! "
- Holea C.

"Victoria's Restore My Core program is a fantastic program for c-section moms who want to slowly and safely ease back into movement while learning valuable new information. From core breathing to strength training movements, she has video demonstrations as well as quick-to-reply feedback if you have questions. The downloadable PDF has more than just workout programs listed, it is a HUGE source of information about c-sections and your body (things as a nurse I was not very familiar with!) as well as nutrition and supplement guidance if you want. Any new or former c-section mom would benefit, I am so pleased with my results I've had so far and look forward to completing!"
- Danielle L.

"After my son was born I had a lot of healing to do with a 3rd degree tear and episiotomy cut. I thought after I had finally made it through healing that (which truly took months but that is a whole nother' post in itself 😣) I would be in the clear! Sike. Pelvic floor dysfunction was my middle name.  I couldn't go to the bathroom normally, couldn't do anything without letting out gas that everyone could hear (embarrassing right!?) and I was verging on prolapse constantly feeling pressure down there like my uterus was bulging out. Not to mention pain. So, much, pain. This didn't help my ppd or anxiety. I felt so alone and scared because no one talked about going through these things! I never thought things would be the same. Then I learned about diasisis recti which no one had ever talked about either! I found a coach through a friend that I met in childbirth classes that specializes in healing diasisis recti and I am so thankful I did. I can truly say my pelvic floor is about 95% healed and I don't suffer from any of the things I mentioned above having to do with PFD anymore. Plus I have lost 15 pounds and can look at myself in the mirror again and feel good about myself.  I never realized how important it is to heal your core properly after carrying and birthing a child and especially before returning to your normal exercise routine! We are worth taking the time out for ourselves so that we can take better care of our families. ❤ If you are interested her name is Victoria Dosen (@victoriadosen) and the course I took was Restore My Core. Check her out, she is an awesome, caring and knowledgeable coach who clearly knows how to and loves to help mama's!"
- Paige V.
Restore My Core FAQ's
I've just had my baby. When can I start?

Depending on how you are feeling, you can typically start within 2-3 weeks after either type of delivery (vaginal or c-section).

I had my baby a few years ago. Can I still do the program now?

Absolutely! This program is beneficial for both new and seasoned moms. It's imperative that we continue working on maintaining the strength and function of our core and pelvic floor.

How long are the workouts? How often should I do them?

Once you get the hang of the routine, it should take you about 20-30 minutes per day. Your goal is to get the routine done every day, if possible.

Can I do this program if I have pelvic organ prolapse?

Yes. All of the exercises in each phase are suitable for pelvic organ prolapse. You will want to double check with your women's health/pelvic floor physical therapist to ensure that they are appropriate for your specific situation and grade of prolapse.

Can I still do this program if I am already doing another workout program?

Absolutely! I will want you to make sure that you incorporate it into your current routine, as well as do it as a form of recovery exercise on your non-training days.

Can I also do cardio while doing Restore My Core?

Yes! Low to moderate intensity cardio, but high intensity cardio should be avoided until you heal your core and pelvic floor. 
Feel At Home In Your Body Again
You DON’T have to SUFFER in silence with abdominal separation, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, or a weak core.
You DON’T have to live with pain, and you can feel COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in your post baby body!

I want to help you THRIVE as a mom because you deserve it. Giving you the tools for the self-care you deserve brings me such joy because I've been where you are right now.

Sign up for Restore My Core and see what it feels like to feel like you again in your body!

With lots of love,

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