Fit Thriving Mama Prenatal KickStart

FREE Strength Training Workouts For Pregnancy

It’s not easy to know which exercises are the best ones for pregnancy. These 3 FREE workouts will provide you with safe and effective exercises for all three trimesters of pregnancy. They are total body strength workouts, short and effective—because who has time to spend hours working out??

So I’d love for you to take advantage of them. I want you to feel healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy.


Fit thriving mama postnatal kickstart

FREE Strength Training Workouts For Postpartum

Fit Thriving Mama Postnatal Kickstart is a step-by-step program and guide for all moms who want to regain their core strength and function post pregnancy, and return to the fitness they love correctly and safely post baby.


mommy tummy makeover mini course

I know you don’t want to have to think twice about running around and playing with your children because your body isn’t up for it.  You want to feel athletic, strong, and confident in your body.

Good news!

This is all possible with the right combination of knowledge and exercises.  This mini-course will take you through an in-depth overview of what you need to know to get a body you’ve been wanting for so long — fit and strong, free of aches and pains, free of the occasional leaking, and free of the mommy pooch!


C-Section Scar assessment

Do you have an issue with your C-section scar?  Take this FREE assessment to find out if you have scar tissue build-up that is still causing some core and pelvic floor issues, and learn what you can do to fix them.  You will also receive a FREE mini-series on C-section recovery & information about core and pelvic floor health, postnatal exercise and more sent to your inbox.

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