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Personal Training

If you prefer to work 1:1, I offer flexible scheduling and programming that will adapt to your body and life changes during pregnancy, postpartum, and life as a mom!  All in-person training clients are required to schedule a 60 minute consultation prior to their first session. During this meeting you can expect an overall assessment where we will discuss your past and current health, pregnancy/labor/delivery experience, exercise, nutrition, and self-care habits. You’ll be taken through a series of movement assessments to highlight areas of potential weaknesses and establish a baseline, discuss some lifestyle habits you can implement immediately to encourage better self-care and healing.
If you are pregnant, personal training is safe to begin at any stage of your pregnancy as long as your obstetrician or midwife is aware that you are exercising. Private training provides you with the opportunity to focus on specific elements of fitness including flexibility and strength in order to combat aches and pain associated with pregnancy, and prepare you for labor and delivery. 
If you are postpartum, keep in mind that once postpartum…always postpartum!  The weeks and months following having a baby involve just as many (if not more) physical and emotional changes as the 9 months of pregnancy. The best way to regain your fitness is by working with your body in order to ensure that core and pelvic floor rehabilitation takes priority. “Postpartum” training can last from 4 weeks – 9 months or more depending on frequency, dedication, and desired results. Nutrition plans for mothers who are breastfeeding may vary. Babies are ALWAYS welcome! 

If it’s been years since you’ve had your baby and you are ready to make yourself a priority again and you need more individualized attention and support to feel strong in your body again, feel pain and ache free, make peace with food, or strengthen your core and pelvic floor…so you can laugh, sneeze, exercise and do everything else without peeing then 1:1 training sessions are perfect for you.

Package Options:

1 session – $125

5 sessions – $500

12 sessions – $1080 (must be used within 3 months of first session)

24 sessions – $2040 (must be used within 6 months of first session)

**Payment plans available – contact Victoria@ info@victoriadosen.com for more details

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Prenatal Fitness Consultations

Feeling overwhelmed about how to exercise during your pregnancy?  We can talk about this and some other lifestyle considerations to help you experience as comfortable a pregnancy as possible, stay strong and supported through your pregnancy, and help you train your body for labor and delivery. Set up a consult or series of consults for the support and guidance you’ve been looking for!

During your consult, we will cover targeted movements, breath work, postural habits, lifestyle habits, and exercise guidelines to help you strengthen your core and pelvic floor, build endurance for the big day, and release tension to facilitate birth.  

Initial Consultation: 90 Minutes – $175 
Follow Up: 60 Minutes – $99

*Prenatal Fitness Consultations are scheduled by appointment

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Postnatal Core + Pelvic Floor Restoration Sessions

So you’ve been cleared for exercise at your 6 week check-up.  Now what?  Postnatal Core + Pelvic Floor Restoration Sessions are designed to provide new moms with a specific rehab plan that focuses on rebuilding the inner core unit through alignment, breath work, movement and exercise.  Many people are given a rehab plan and protocol following a knee, hip, or shoulder injury and/or surgery, but new moms aren’t given any sort of specific rehab plan to help heal from pregnancy and prepare their body for the demands of motherhood.  These sessions are designed for just that and will help bridge the gap between having had your baby and returning to regular exercise and everyday life and movement.  We will begin your sessions with an assessment then you will progress through restorative exercise, activities of daily living, and functional movement to ensure you have core and total body strength, function, and confidence for all phases of life.  

Initial Consultation: 90 Minutes – $175
Follow Up: 60 Minutes – $99 

*Postnatal Core + Pelvic Floor Sessions are scheduled by appointment.

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Lift Like A Mom – Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Classes

If you are looking for a fitness class that offers proper workouts and fitness programming for you during your pregnancy and postpartum period then I’d love to have you come try one of my Lift Like A Mom classes!

The Lift Like A Mom classes are designed specifically to help you stay strong and supported through pregnancy, prepare for labor and delivery, as well as to heal and recover from childbirth and regain your core strength, improve pelvic floor dysfunction, relieve common aches and pains, and regain the strength and energy needed for motherhood! 

These classes are safe and effective for every trimester as well as for moms who are 6 or more weeks postpartum. Classes are circuit-training-based and include elements of strength, cardio, and mobility.

Babies are encouraged to join mom in class!

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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

I absolutely love teaching and engaging with fellow moms and healthcare providers!  If you are looking for a speaker at your next even, I’d love to speak with you.

Invite me to speak at your next women’s event or teach a workshop on the following topics:

  • Strength training, simple self-care practices, and sustainable and healthy fat loss strategies for busy moms.
  • Pelvic floor health and why you need to know about it and why it impacts your fitness, strength, confidence and quality of life.
  • Pre and Postnatal Fitness: The smart way to be strong and safe during pregnancy and postpartum!
  • And more!!
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