Are you ready to stay strong and fit in pregnancy?
Are you ready to regain your core, confidence, and fitness as a new mom?
Are you ready to reprioritize yourself and your needs as a busy mom raising a family?

Welcome to Fit Thriving Mama Coaching Club

The online community where moms and moms-to-be:

  • Find their tribe
  • Build strength safely
  • Develop core and pelvic floor confidence
  • Make themselves and their needs a priority
  • Practice sustainable nutrition habits
  • Implement empowering self-care practices
  • Learn to live more vibrant and happier lives as moms
  • Support one another through this adventurous ride called motherhood!

Hi There!  I’m Victoria (aka as V), and I am a transformation coach for moms!

I help moms to get strong, heal their bodies, ditch the mom guilt, and reconnect with themselves so they can live a more authentic, vibrant, and happier life.

Fit Thriving Mama was inspired by my own experiences as a mom and those of my clients:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth (both vaginally and C-section)
  • Wanting to safely keep up with your workouts during pregnancy
  • Wanting to feel like yourself again in your postpartum body
  • Being confused about how to safely return to exercise postpartum
  • Wanting to heal your postpartum tummy…no matter how long postpartum
  • Figuring out how to fit in exercise while raising kiddos, and doing it in a way that still satisfies your athletic spirit
  • Trying to figure out how to eat in a way that supports your  body, fits into your life as a busy mom, and is still enjoyable
  • Trying to keep up with good self-care practices and remembering to prioritize yourself
  • Working through many of the mental hang-ups that many of us moms go through (can we say mom guilt?)
  • Wanting to create more time and space in your life for your own personal interests and pursuits.

I wanted to create a community specifically for moms and moms-to-be like you because you need and deserve better when it comes to your fitness, nutrition, and self-care during these pivotal times in your life.

As moms, we need:

  • Real, no nonsense information on how to exercise during pregnancy, early postpartum, and as a busy mom running a household and raising a family.
  • Honest and supportive information on how to prioritize our own health and wellbeing during pregnancy and ANY time postpartum- when so much of it is focused on the kiddos.

Fit Thriving Mama is not just another exercise program, we are a community of supportive women, who regardless of our situations, are all simply trying to do our best as moms and moms-to-be!  

The Fit Thriving Mama community focuses on:

  • Connecting with your body during pregnancy to prepare for birth…however you choose to birth your babe.
  • Reconnecting with your postpartum body (regardless of how long postpartum you are) so that you are feeling your best and more like yourself again.
  • Emphasizing shorter strength training and metabolic conditioning workouts to fit your busy schedule
  • Incorporating simple self-care habits to ensure you’re in the right headspace every day
  • Emphasizing effective nutrition habits that allow you to still eat healthy AND enjoy those yummy foods…instead of tracking macros or calories all the time
  • Using self-discovery and self-development exercises to ensure that you are feeling happy, connected, engaged, and vibrant in all areas of your life.
  • Fostering a community of women who are there to support one another and cheer each other on as we tackle real life issues that we all face as mamas

What Makes the Fit Thriving Mama Different?

Let me begin by stating that YES, there are dozens of programs out there that offer support for moms, but I have a question for you:

What is it that you are getting out of these programs? 

Some motivational quotes, clever recipes, and workout tips? 

To be more specific, how is this type of support helping you work through the struggles addressed above? It is great to ‘belong’ but are you seen, heard, and genuinely cared for in those groups, do you feel that you matter?

Here’s the deal.

Fit Thriving Mama is a private online PLACE where you will find REAL, honest and no nonsense conversation and support…not just the typical everyday pleasantries heard at your local moms’ group.  You can trust in surrounding yourself with other moms and a coach (that’s muah) who are going through or have gone through many of the same experiences as you, who believe in you, who want to see you not just survive, but THRIVE as a mom!

This is TRUE Support.

Fit Thriving Mama is tailored to your specific needs. So whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, newly postpartum, or seasoned mama there is a customized track that’s right for you when you sign up!

Prenatal Track

This track is for you if you are a first time or pregnant again mom who wants to:

  • Be smart and safe in your approach towards prenatal fitness
  • Feel strong, comfortable, and pain-free during your pregnancy
  • Fueling your body with foods to help manage those cravings and crazy food aversions as well as make you feel happy & energized
  • Train for labor and set yourself up for a great postpartum recovery

Fit Thriving Mama is appropriate for you if you are carrying one baby, multiple babies, or if you are an IVF mama.  It is also suitable for you if you are an experienced lifter or completely new to exercise.

Postnatal Track

This track is for you if you are a new mom or a seasoned mom who wants to:

  • Get the most out of your workouts with your busy schedule (because momlife!).
  • Experience results from a fitness plan that gives you the most effective strategies for postpartum core and pelvic floor recovery. (No more having to worry about running to the bathroom every time you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise).  You’ll regain your confidence, function, fitness, and strength!
  • Eliminate anxiety, confusion, and a restrictive mindset about what to eat, when to eat, or how much to eat, and actually be able to enjoy eating again.
  • Dig deep and discover the kind of life you want and the type of mom you want to show up as for your family.
  • Feel more energized, happier, and excited every day instead of simply going through the motions.

When you sign up for Fit Thriving Mama, you will receive:

  • SPECIFIC WEEKLY STRENGTH WORKOUTS (ADJUSTED EVERY 4 WEEKS) to match wherever you are in pregnancy or postpartum.  You can work out with confidence knowing that you are following a routine that is safe, supportive, and appropriate for your body and the demands of motherhood.
  • INTERVAL & METABOLIC CONDITIONING WORKOUTS so you can mix things up and target new muscle groups! 
  • FIT THRIVING MAMA FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS to receive weekly coaching and guidance on specific exercise techniques, food and nutrition related coaching, mindset and self-discovery coaching to help you handle mom life with less stress and more joy and ease, and  lifestyle habits coaching to help you feel more empowered and confident about your body and your choices.  This is also your support group to ask questions, share stories, victories, progress, and get support from me and other moms who GET YOU and all that you are going through as a mom! 
  • NUTRITION COACHING MODULES that you can work through every month to help make eating a more enjoyable AND healthy experience.  
  • LIVE MONTHLY COACHING CALL where we’ll get together and talk REAL motherhood talk with the group!  A support call to help you reach your goals, carve out more time and care for yourself, and help you along every step of the way as a mom. 
  • MONTHLY SELF DISCOVERY LESSONS to help you enjoy your pregnancy, help you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for labor and delivery, and help you embrace your transition into motherhood with more compassion, grace, and self-awareness.
  • VIDEO DEMOS OF EVERY EXERCISE IN YOUR MONTHLY PROGRAMMING so you have direct access to correct form and technique…no guesswork required. 
  • WORKOUT CALENDAR so you can keep track of your workouts, adjust your training, and celebrate your achievements.
  • IMPORTANT PREGNANCY AND POSTPARTUM “NEED-TO-KNOW” INFO for your specific trimester of pregnancy, your core and pelvic floor recovery postpartum, as well as helpful everyday nutrition and lifestyle tips for your life as a busy mom.

If you are on the fence about signing up for Fit Thriving Mama…here’s one more thing to consider…

To work with me remotely as a 1:1 client costs $349 per month. This is a high vibe, all access, and incredibly personal service I provide to help you truly feel your best and realize a much happier, more empowered and fulfilling life as both a mom and woman.

I realize that not everyone is going to be able to always work with me on a 1:1 basis, so that’s why I created the Fit Thriving Mama Coaching Club. This is your next best opportunity to work with me (for a fraction of the price) in designing a fitness + self-care routine and a lifestyle during pregnancy and postpartum that has your best interests at heart! I want you to feel your best self RIGHT NOW…not next month…not after the baby is born, not when your kiddos are older and out of the house…RIGHT NOW!

Motherhood isn’t just about the kids…it’s about you as well!

Who Is Fit Thriving Mama Coaching Club For?

  • A mom who thrives in a group atmosphere among other like-minded, supportive and encouraging women.
  • A mom-to-be who wants real and honest information and support on how to exercise and take care of herself during pregnancy.
  • A mom who wants to have core confidence after baby and be stronger in her core than she was pre-pregnancy.
  • A busy mom (what mom isn’t busy???) who is busy juggling all the demands of motherhood and wants access to efficient and effective workoutssimple and sustainable nutrition practices, and an arsenal of other resources at her fingertips.
  • A mom who wants tips and strategies beyond “just do more Kegels” for healing her core and pelvic floor postpartum, so that she can get back to more of the activities she enjoys without worrying about running to the bathroom every five minutes.
  • A mom who wants to evolve and make more positive and long-term changes in her life and sees the value in the willingness to grow and evolve
  • A mom who is tired of doing the whole fitness thing alone and/or feel like the people closest to them aren’t on board with her efforts to create better lifestyle changes. 
  • A mom who wants some extra help with motivation and accountability for getting and staying consistent.
  • A mom who is ready for a cost effective way to work with a women’s fitness and prenatal/postnatal specialist.

Who is Fit Thriving Mama Coaching Club NOT For? 

  • A pregnant mom who doesn’t want any type of guidance during her pregnancy, wants to ignore all the warning signs (leaking, pelvic pain, hip pain, belly coning and doming, and simply wants to keep pushing through and doing the same intense workouts that was she doing pre-pregnancy.
  • A new mom who simply wants to jump right back into her normal fitness routine postpartum instead of respecting the process and focusing on core and pelvic floor rehab and progressive fitness training.
  • A mom who only care about seeing a smaller number on the scale, who wants to count calories, track ALL the macros and who wants to be told exactly what to eat through a strict meal plan. 
  • A mom who isn’t willing to make the necessary changes in her life to feel happier, vibrant, and likes she’s thriving as a mom instead of simply surviving.
  • A mom who isn’t willing to participate and meaningfully engage in a group environment by sharing both her wins and struggles as a mom.
  • A mom who wants to play small and stay stuck in overwhelm and struggle because it’s serving her and keeping her safe. 
  • A mom who wants to keep putting everyone else in her family first and wants to keep making excuses as to why she can’t doing anything herself and take care of herself.
  • A mom who wants to try and figure it all out on her own.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

You’ll be directed to a consultation form where we’ll grab some info from you to help determine the best track for you: your pregnancy phase, how long postpartum you are, if you are experiencing any core and pelvic floor issues, and your best email address to contact you.

Once your payment and consultation information is received, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours that contains your exclusive invite to our private Facebook group and your first month of workouts, nutrition guidelines + recipes, and your monthly self-care and lesson.

You’ll join moms like you in our Facebook group who are ditching the mom guilt and saying yes to making themselves a priority and supporting each other in an empowering and safe space!


I want to help you to feel and be the best version of yourself as a mom!

Mom life does not have to keep you feeling like you have to sacrifice everything for your family and withhold you from your joy. I’m here to help you HEAL, Get STRONG, AND THRIVE as a mom!

Sign up for Fit Thriving Mama Coaching Club and see what it feels like to be fully SUPPORTED!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions…I’ve got answers!

This is an all-inclusive, high vibe, monthly group coaching club with me that was created for BUSY MOMS like us who want to put the focus back on ourselves while also doing our best to care for everyone else in our lives.  We will address several KEY areas in your life like your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care habits that are keeping you from feeling your best and prioritizing you! We'll work together to establish a manageable routine and simple strategies you can implement right away to experience radical changes physically, mentally, and emotionally. ...because you deserve to be cared for too! I do want you to realize though that this program DOES require commitment on your part. You have to be ready, wanting, and willing to make a change for yourself and finally make this happen for you. gets busy when raising a family, but you have to realize that if you finally want to feel your best as a mom then you have to commit to making yourself a priority! There will be fully customized workouts included that are 30 minutes or less and to be done 3-4 times per week. I recommend that you invest in a small amount of equipment: few sets of dumbbells, resistance bands, and a stability ball. More information is provided in your welcome email.