Sucking Guts and Squeezing Butts!

Quick Wednesday fit tip for you!

No my pants aren’t hiked up, I just have a short torso!!😂 Anywho…

Ladies…are you a perpetual gut sucker and bum tucker?!?!

If so, please stop! You don’t strengthen your abs and glutes by constantly keeping them in a state of contraction. In fact, it will cause the opposite effect…shortened, tight, and weak muscles that can set you up for future problems like incontinence, pelvic pain, and lower back pain. Every muscle in your body needs to be able to both contract and relax.

Postnatal mamas can especially develop this bad habit. We unknowingly do this A LOT in order to counter balance the extra weight of carrying around little ones throughout the day.

Women also have a tendency to carry a lot of stress in their pelvic region, and it manifests itself as sucking in the abs, squeezing the pelvic floor, and clenching the glutes all day long.

So when you get the chance…do yourself a favor next time and take a picture of yourself while standing. No adjusting…just how you normally stand. If your posture looks similar to the picture on the left, then you are most certainly a gut sucker and butt tucker. The picture on the right displays a much better alignment with ribs over the hips, natural curve in the lumbar spine, and bum untucked.


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