One Small Step Leads to Leaps and Bounds


Hello VixieChicks!  I have been thinking about what I wanted to blog about and then it hit me last night while I was surfing the Internet! If you don’t already know, March is National Nutrition Awareness month!!!  I know -I know – I can already see the eyes rolling and the yawning about to commence but wait, just stay with me for a moment!  This is just a quick little post to serve as a reminder for you.

In honor of Nutrition Awareness Month, I propose to you a challenge!

Nothing big and fancy, just a small simple little challenge that could actually end up making a big impact on your health, fitness and lifestyle for the better!! So what is the challenge, you ask? Well, for the rest of the month of March, I challenge you to write down everything you eat every day! Yes, that’s right -everything -. EVERY. DAY.

This will require some determination on your part, but if you have the time to Facebook stalk people, then you have the time be writing down what you eat.  If you are old school like me, find yourself a little notebook and use that as your food journal, or if you are a techie like my husband, you can use an app like the My Fitness Pal app to help keep track of your food consumption.

At the end of every week, take a few minutes to look back and reflect on what you ate over the course of the week.  Where could you have made better choices? With that in mind, make it your goal for the new week to implement healthier food choices.

These small little steps are carving the pathway for bigger leaps in your journey toward healthier and happier living.  I want you to write down every little thing that you eat, right down to the tiny crumb of a chocolate chip cookie that you had right before bed last night.  You will be shocked and amazed at your eating patterns and what exactly you are eating on a day to day basis.

Now, some of you may be thinking: “Well, I am a healthy eater already, so I don’t need to worry about something like this”.  Not so fast! Even if you are a “healthy eater”, there is always room for improvement.

So there you have it, this is your challenge and I hope that you will accept it with an open mind.  I will join in with you because Lord knows, I am a huge sucker for those stupid little “snack size” candy bar bites!  Have at it Ladies and be honest with yourself during the process. Remember -every day is an opportunity to make a change for the better!

Don’t be shy, reach out to me and let me know how you are doing.  I want to hear from you throughout this process!!  Message me on Facebook or contact me at

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