How hard are you working?

Eric Cressey’s blog on his website this week caught my attention and really made me think about how much work is necessary for progress. When I’m training moms, I think it’s especially important to pay attention to what your goals are, and what kind of progress you’re making towards those goals. So let’s talk about that! There are a number … Read More

Exercise Of The Day: Tall Kneeling Overhead Triceps Press

Back At It Again Ladies!!! It’s still summer, and you still want to show off those arms! I few weeks ago I posted some info on how to make biceps curls a bit more “functional” by using a split stance position when curling. So with that said, let’s talk about the triceps. The overhead triceps press is a great exercise … Read More

Troubleshooting Your Squat Mechanics

Howdy Ladies!!  If you have trouble with your squatting mechanics then try adding some goblet squats to your routine. They aren’t just another squat variation, but also a great tool to help improve and/or alleviate common squat pattern flaws like: ✅ Inactive glutes ✅ Poor hip mobility ✅ Poor ankle mobility ✅ Inability to brace the core and upper back … Read More

Exercise For Two: Who Are You Competing With?

We’ve come a long way with our perceptions of pregnant women. While we used to push women into lengthy confinements on either end of their pregnancy, we now encourage, even expect, women to continue to be active and productive right up until birth, and pick up all their same activities just a few weeks later. But is that helpful for … Read More

Postpartum Fitness: When Can I Run Again?

          So…what does this trail have to do with postnatal fitness? A lot actually…keep reading to find out.So when is it okay to return to running after your baby is born? It’s certainly NOT after your 6 week check-up! No ma’am…your pelvis is nowhere near ready to handle such high impact exercise. Just because the doctor … Read More

Love For Your Upper Body

When we talk about working out with other women, lots talk about yoga class. Among ladies who hit the gym, for many of them, it’s all about the cardio. If they hit the machines, it’s to focus on leg presses, squats, and lunges. Those are all great ways to build your body, but let’s talk some truth here. It’s time … Read More

Is It Time To Ante Up The Weight?

So I am going to revisit a topic in the fitness industry that will never die, and that is the always hot debate on whether women should lift heavy or not.  How many times have we women been fed the message that we need to keep it light (in terms of weight training) to achieve that “long, lean look”?  This … Read More

Are You a Woman Wary of Lifting Weights? 7 Reasons to Let That Fear Go

With the evolution of CrossFit, more and more women are becoming comfortable with and embracing the rewards of actually pushing themselves in the gym.  This, my friends, is music to my ears and sends flutters through my heart.  Say what you will about this fitness program, but you can’t deny that it’s influence has helped break down so many barriers for … Read More

Exercise of the Day: Plank Row

Exercise of the Day: Plank Row   When you’re at the gym, you will save time and burn more calories by performing exercises that engage several muscle groups simultaneously.  Next time you find yourself planking on the gym floor, go ahead and add a rowing action to your plank to target not only your arms and back, but your core … Read More