7 Tips To Prepare Your Body & Mind For Your C-Section

  Cesarean births -they are a hot topic for debate in the prenatal and postnatal world.  There’s also not a ton of helpful information out there for women who are scheduled for one or who are facing the possibility of needing one.  Usually, you only find information out there as to why everyone is vehemently opposed to them or why … Read More

5 Things I Wish Moms REALLY Knew About The Fitness Industry

As much as I love the health and fitness field, there are things about it that makes me sometimes shake my head in disgust. From quick fixes to fad diets and gimmicks, there is never a short supply of products out there promising to help you lose weight and get in shape…like yesterday…and with as little effort as possible. It … Read More

3 Tricks For Great Self Care Once Baby Arrives

If you thought that taking care of yourself was difficult when you were pregnant, managing self-care while you’re also taking care of a newborn can be an exciting challenge all of its own making. Today, let’s hash through three tips that will help you stay happy, healthy, and sane during the first few weeks after your baby comes home. Prepare, … Read More