Caring For Your C-Section Scar

  If you’ve had a c-section, have you ever noticed that raising your arms above your head hurts in your low abdomen? Have you ever sneezed or coughed and thought that you tore something near your scar, even though your incision has been healed for months or years? Have you noticed that you had normal bowel movements after the surgical … Read More

Exercise Tips For The Third Trimester

  It’s the home stretch -you are almost there!  As you enter into your third trimester, you may be feeling much more tired, exhausted, sore, and just about ready to have this baby ( I know I certainly did!!). You may also notice that exercising may be getting more difficult especially since your lung capacity has significantly decreased.  Your baby … Read More

Exercise Tips For The Second Trimester

If you’ve just entered your second trimester, congratulations! Most women begin to find that nausea and fatigue ease off during the second three months of pregnancy. Some call it the “golden trimester” of pregnancy. Of course, it varies a great deal from person to person, and if you don’t feel good, do your best to keep up with daily movement … Read More

Exercise Tips For Your First Trimester

  Congratulations Mama!! This certainly is exciting news, and as excited as you probably are, I’m sure you probably have more questions than answers when it comes to prenatal fitness.  Don’t worry though -I gotcha ya covered! First and foremost -Assuming that you have spoken with your doctor/healthcare provider, and you are healthy and the pregnancy is complication free, you … Read More