Mom Always Said To Stand Up Straight!

Continuing on from my last post regarding alignment…Stop a minute, right now, and check your postural alignment. If you’re sitting, are you leaning to one side? Are your feet flat on the floor? Is the small of your back flat against the back of your chair? If you’re standing, is your weight balanced between your feet? Is one shoulder higher … Read More

What Does Pushing A Stroller Have To Do With Alignment?

Hi Mamas! Did you know that not only will certain exercises impede you from healing correctly from Diastasis Recti, but it’s also the little things we do everyday incorrectly that can also prevent Diastasis Recti from healing sufficiently?? Next time you are out with your little one and pushing the stroller along, think about your alignment whilst doing so. Try … Read More

Can I Still Exercise With Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

If your OB, midwife, or physical therapist has diagnosed you with some degree of prolapse, the assortment of emotions you may be feeling can be intense. You may be wondering what this is going to mean for future pregnancies, for your sexual health, and if you’ve been fit before, you may be wondering what you can do for exercise? At … Read More

Pilates Moves Safe For Pregnancy & Postpartum

When you hear about exercises that aren’t safe during and after pregnancy, you’ll often hear that anything that causes extra pressure on the abdomen is unsafe. Hearing, then, that Pilates can be adapted for pregnancy and the 4th trimester can be surprising. After all, one of the most popular moves of a Pilates workout, The 100 exercise, put a tremendous … Read More

3 Tricks For Great Self Care Once Baby Arrives

If you thought that taking care of yourself was difficult when you were pregnant, managing self-care while you’re also taking care of a newborn can be an exciting challenge all of its own making. Today, let’s hash through three tips that will help you stay happy, healthy, and sane during the first few weeks after your baby comes home. Prepare, … Read More