4 Tips For Better Babywearing Fitness

Two weeks ago I talked about babywearing and how it can affect your postpartum recovery.  If you’d like to learn more about my better babywearing tips, please go here to find out more.  This week we are going to follow up our babywearing discussion as it pertains to babywearing fitness classes.  I wanted to talk about this because the topic came … Read More

Could Babywearing Be Hindering Your Postpartum Recovery

Babywearing has made serious inroads in American mommy culture. Even ten years ago, it was hard to find examples of moms wearing their babies outside of particular sorts of music festivals and LLL meetings, but now, many women have embraced the practice of babywearing, especially for their second or third baby, when they need to chase after a toddler or … Read More

When I Return To CrossFit and Boot Camp Classes Postpartum?

  I’m a gal that likes to lift weights and challenge myself in the gym, so I completely understand where she’s coming from when a new postnatal client asks me: “So, when can I go back to CrossFit/heavy lifting/running/doing the “hardcore” stuff again?” This is something that comes up a lot for the moms I work with on their postpartum … Read More

5 Nutrition “Hacks” For Busy Moms

I’m back at it again after a few weeks’ hiatus while working out the logistics of moving the family back to Florida.  Phew!  I forgot how exhausting and mentally consuming the process of moving can be!  As a result, my nutrition has somewhat taken a back seat while my family settles into our new way of life down here.  We’ve … Read More

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: What Your Pelvic Floor Might Be Trying To Tell You

Prolapse is a scary word.  As women, we are often uncomfortable talking about our bodies, especially our pelvic organs and reproductive systems. So when we hear words like “pelvic organ prolapse,” it’s not surprising that maybe we experience a little wave of panic. It’s not exactly something that is openly and generally talked about amongst the women’s health and fitness … Read More

Crunches: Your Friend or Foe?

  WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH CRUNCHES & SITUPS? Let’s talk about crunches today -shall we??  Recently at the gym, I’ve had women telling me that they have read somewhere along the line that “all crunches and sit ups are bad for you.” So, I thought it was time to bring this subject to light.  While crunches and sit-ups (when done … Read More

Kettlebell Swings for the Pregnant & Postnatal Athlete, Part III

  Alright -thus far we have covered technique for both the Russian and American kettlebell swings (read here), as well as simple tests you can do to determine if you are ready for American swings (read here).  Now we are going to cover kettlebell swings as they relate to the pregnant and postnatal athlete.   So, if you were participating in kettlebell training … Read More

My Version of “Mommy & Me” Fitness Classes

I realize that I may be going against the norm by saying this (however, I think a lot of moms may feel the same way, but are just afraid to say it for fear of the “mommy guilt”), but here goes… Periodically, I see social media posts or ads marketing “mommy and me” fitness classes where moms have a chance … Read More

Mom Always Said To Stand Up Straight!

Continuing on from my last post regarding alignment…Stop a minute, right now, and check your postural alignment. If you’re sitting, are you leaning to one side? Are your feet flat on the floor? Is the small of your back flat against the back of your chair? If you’re standing, is your weight balanced between your feet? Is one shoulder higher … Read More

What Does Pushing A Stroller Have To Do With Alignment?

Hi Mamas! Did you know that not only will certain exercises impede you from healing correctly from Diastasis Recti, but it’s also the little things we do everyday incorrectly that can also prevent Diastasis Recti from healing sufficiently?? Next time you are out with your little one and pushing the stroller along, think about your alignment whilst doing so. Try … Read More