Returning To Exercise: How To Structure Your Postpartum Workouts

  So, baby is here, you’re settling into your new way of life, and you’re anxious to get back into the gym.  Maybe you’ve even gotten the “green light” from your healthcare professional to resume normal activity again.  Not so fast!  I know this may not be what you want to hear, but I say this with the highest regard … Read More

How To Program Your Workouts Around Your Menstrual Cycle

I hear it so often from women at the gym: “Oh my gosh! I’m so tired.  I don’t know why I’m so tired! One of the first things I will then ask them usually is: “Are you about to get your period?” Then the light bulb goes off in their heads, and I’ll usually get some response like: “You know … Read More

Nutrition Quickie: The Basic Habits

  Just a short post for today… When you want to lose weight or maintain a lean physique, try to keep the process as SIMPLE as possible.  Our lives are already stressful enough as it is, and if your goal is to get to a healthier weight, it needs to be as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible.  Otherwise…you will only … Read More

Exercise For Two: Who Are You Competing With?

We’ve come a long way with our perceptions of pregnant women. While we used to push women into lengthy confinements on either end of their pregnancy, we now encourage, even expect, women to continue to be active and productive right up until birth, and pick up all their same activities just a few weeks later. But is that helpful for … Read More

Body Positivity Gone Wrong

As a fitness professional, I find myself talking about body positivity frequently. It seems like such a great concept on the surface. The concept of body positivity says that the fashion and entertainment industries put forth a very specific body type–in general, white, young, and very very thin–as the only acceptable body type, and that in reality, that standard is … Read More

5 Ways Less Is Not More When You’re Getting Healthy

Have you ever noticed that the headlines on all those fitness and fashion magazines are telling you to be and do less in order to be acceptable? Eat fewer calories, lose ten pounds in one week, kill your cravings, 4 exercises for a flat stomach. Nia Shanks over at Lift Like A Girl has a great post on this topic. … Read More