“Good” Food vs “Bad” Food: Is There Really Such A Thing?

  So every night, shortly before bed, I will eat about 5-6 dark chocolate covered almonds that I have stashed away in the fridge. I know -it may sound a little crazy, but it’s actually not and we will get into that in a bit! I like to end the day with a little something sweet.  But, I don’t like … Read More

8 Ways To Help Moms Curb Emotional Eating

If there’s a common reoccurring theme among us moms when it comes to nutrition it’s that is many of us (myself included) tend to be stress or emotional eaters.  It’s easy to understand why with all that we’ve got going on as a busy mom -especially when we are caring for a new baby (cue the endless cycle of no … Read More

Post Christmas Thoughts

This is how a lot of us may feel the day after Christmas. We “over indulge” on the big day, and then we feel like we need to punish ourselves the day after with grueling workouts and starving ourselves for the day. What if we switched our mindset from “over indulging” to enjoying ourselves? What if we looked at the … Read More

Moderation: The Long Term Recipe For Nutrition Success

There is a growing trend in the fitness industry to approach your nutrition game plan with an “everything in moderation” mindset.  I couldn’t be happier to see this taking place.  It wasn’t always this way for me, especially through high school and college, as I took the more extreme “it’s all or nothing” approach.  My hope was that this “all … Read More