Kettlebell Swings for the Pregnant & Postnatal Athlete, Part III

  Alright -thus far we have covered technique for both the Russian and American kettlebell swings (read here), as well as simple tests you can do to determine if you are ready for American swings (read here).  Now we are going to cover kettlebell swings as they relate to the pregnant and postnatal athlete.   So, if you were participating in kettlebell training … Read More

The American Kettlebell Swing, Part II: Readiness Self Assessment

So now that you know how to properly hip hinge, let’s carry on with the next part of our kettlebell swing discussion.  If you missed last week’s post covering the technique of both swings, you can read about it here!  Now, just because you can properly hinge for a swing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready to go overhead … Read More

The Kettlebell Swing, Part I: To Hip Hinge or Squat?

I had an athlete approach me after class earlier this week to ask about whether the correct execution of the kettlebell swing involved hip hinging or squatting.  So, I thought I would take the opportunity to answer it for many of you who may be wondering the same thing. As a fitness professional that moonlights as a CrossFit coach, I very … Read More