How To Structure Your Prenatal Workouts

  In my last article, we talked about how to structure your workouts during the first year postpartum.  If you missed it, you can read more about that here. If you’re about to give birth to your babe, you are recently postpartum, or you know a mama who is, then this piece is well worth the read. For this post, … Read More

Prenatal Fitness Myths Revisited, Part 2

So, last week I was doing a prenatal fitness consultation with a mama in her second trimester. We were going over some of the things you should and shouldn’t do as they relate to prenatal exercise. She told me at one point in our conversation that her doctor gave her some very general recommendations as well -one of them being … Read More

Exercise Tips For Your First Trimester

  Congratulations Mama!! This certainly is exciting news, and as excited as you probably are, I’m sure you probably have more questions than answers when it comes to prenatal fitness.  Don’t worry though -I gotcha ya covered! First and foremost -Assuming that you have spoken with your doctor/healthcare provider, and you are healthy and the pregnancy is complication free, you … Read More