Friday Fit Tip – Are You Giving Yourself Enough Rest?

I was talking with one of my clients the other day, and she was telling me how she feels so guilty on the days when she doesn’t get a workout done. Mind you…she is a new mom with a 6 month old baby on her hands. Although this is an amazing and exciting time in her life, it can also be very unpredictable, tiring, and overwhelming.

There’s also a bad perception these days in the fitness industry that you should feel shame or guilt for skipping a workout. As a result, many people (especially women and those women who are mothers) feel like their self-worth as a person is intertwined with their ability to stay consistent and true to a workout plan.

If you happen to feel this way too…then there’s something I want you to know!

Your self-worth as a person is not related in any way whatsoever to the number of workouts you complete every week. Also, you are neither “good” nor “bad” for having completed or not completed a workout. You’ve got a lot on your plate as a mother, and it’s okay to give yourself some breathing room and downtime every now and then!

Furthermore, you are not a “good” or “bad” person based on the workouts you do or don’t do.

So – if you’re not feeling up to it, but you’re still hung up on getting in a workout, here are some simple questions to ask yourself to determine if you need more rest:

* Please understand that if you are a new mom, and your baby isn’t sleeping consistently through the night yet for at least a few hours at a time (around 5-6 hours), you can never go wrong with getting more rest. Your body has been through so much recently and it needs this time to heal.

1. Are you overly fatigued or drained? A few nights of no sleep, family stress, deadlines at work…these can all place a high amount of stress on the body. Adding a strenuous workout to the mix only adds insult to injury.

2. Are you excessively sore? Experiencing muscle soreness or tightness that inhibits proper mobility is a good sign your muscles aren’t ready for more load and stress.

3. Do you have a nagging pain? The appearance of pain or a “twing” that won’t go away, especially in the back, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, or feet may indicate excessive inflammation and the need for more time to heal.

4. Do you feel weak or not like yourself? A feeling of overall weakness is one of the most common signs of over training. Does moderate weight feel like a 1 rep max? Does a 200 Meter run or row feel like a marathon?

5. Do you simply just not feel that into it? When you’re generally feeling a loss of interest, motivation or enthusiasm for your workouts then it’s a good sign you need some time off.

There’s no need to add more stress to your busy life as a mom. The gym will always be there when it’s the right time to get back into it!

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