Exercise Of The Day: Tall Kneeling Overhead Triceps Press

Back At It Again Ladies!!!

It’s still summer, and you still want to show off those arms! I few weeks ago I posted some info on how to make biceps curls a bit more “functional” by using a split stance position when curling.

So with that said, let’s talk about the triceps.

The overhead triceps press is a great exercise option to work the triceps because with the weight overhead, it allows us to sneak in a bit of core training as well. In this position, the weight can cause us to overarch in the spine, and we need to engage our core musculature to counteract this tendency and stabilize the spine and pelvis.

We can zero in on our core stabilization training a bit more by performing this exercise in a tall kneeling position as seen in the pictures. The tall kneeling position allows you to really focus in on getting your ribs aligned nicely over your pelvis because there are less stability demands on the body in this position versus a from a standing position. When your pelvis and ribs are stacked on top of each other all the while maintaining a neutral spine, you are in the most efficient position to engage your core.

This exercise is safe for prenatal mamas with no pelvic floor disorders, and postnatal mamas that have properly rehabbed the core and pelvic floor after birth.

How To:

1. Get down in a tall kneeling position and sit tall. Think a string is pulling your head towards the sky.

2. Place a dumbbell overhead with elbows facing the sky and hands behind you. Cup the end of the dumbbell with both hands.

3. Keep shoulders relaxed and chest open.

4. Maintain a neutral spine. No tucking the pelvis under or a tilting the pelvis excessively forward. Contract your glutes.

5. Before pressing overhead, take a deep breath into the ribcage and lower back and let the pelvic floor relax and expand.

6. On your exhale, contract your pelvic floor up and pull lower portion of abs in. Press the weight overhead.


Tall Kneeling Overhead Tricep Press



❤Until Next Time…Happy Lifting❤

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